Our story

If you think Pen Venture it's just a place with and about writing instruments, then you need to spend a little more time on this page.
If you think Pen Venture it's just another place where you can buy a simple fountain pen, then you need to browse around a bit more and in the meantime, get to know us better.

Because this place is not just a space about writing instruments. Here, at Pen Venture, both collectors and fountain pen enthusiasts, and also those who find their first writing instrument, are treated individually.

And... whatever Pen Venture means for you, we want this to be about you and your experience, it doesn't matter matter if it's your first time here, you're here as a guest or you are part of our exclusive members club.
For us YOU are the main focus, and this experience will be unique because we want to inspire future generations by instilling them with the same love and care for these fine writing instruments.

Our team treats fountain pens as unique works of art, which they trully are. A delicate instrument, with lots of personality which needs our attention and the right connection as well, and we, at Pen Venture, are aiming for this experience to be of a superior quality.
If this is your first time here, we welcome you! If you're back here visiting, we're greeting you with a smile, grateful for every second you spend in our company.

Wherever you are, or who you are, we are here to introduce you to your perfect writing instrument. Our passion is matching the fountain pen with the begginer, the faimous owner, the enthusiast, the obsessed, the rebel. Whatever hat you wear, by being here, you are part of the Pen Venture story.