About Us


Pen Venture was born from my love of fine writing instruments and handwriting. The use of a fountain pen was mandatory during my elementary school education. I still remember those days when my friends where calling me outside to play but I had to first finish my homework. During this time, my mother was watching me write every word on the page and teaching me how to write elegantly like her. She told me that someday I would thank her for this. Many years passed and I ended up signing up for Architecture and Technical Drawing section in High school. Once again, using fountain pens was mandatory.

Spending that much time with a fountain pen helped to develop the passion I now have. In 2009, I was accepted to the University and to keep up with my teachers when taking notes I had to ditch the fountain pen.

For a long period of time I forgot about the fountain pen but one day at the office I was searching a gift for a friend and stumbled on a calligraphy video. Suddenly I felt the urge to again write with a fountain pen. I began watching videos about fountain pens and discovered a whole community. I never lost the ability to write elegantly like my mother had taught me all those years ago. The day to thank her had finally arrived. Once I started practicing, I wanted just one more pen. One pen turned in to more than 30 pens in a couple of years.

I don't consider myself a collector because I use all of my pens. In the beginning I was not sharing my writing samples online because I thought they were not worthy of what I was using as practicing guide. Over time, I started posting samples of my penmanship and discovered that people liked both my script and my taste in the fountain pens. My heart is with all fountain pens, but I can't deny that I lust for Italian-made luxury pens.

My passion for fountain pens carried me to Italy and an unfortunate event. I was planning to visit my good friend Stefano from Stilograph Corsani in Rome. Two weeks before I arrived there was a heist that emptied Stefano’s store of all its inventory including my two pens that I had sent in for repairs. During my trip there I had the chance to meet many wonderful people and experience their passion for writing instruments. When I returned from Italy I realized that I could use all that I learned to help others to enjoy this beautiful hobby.

I started to develop a YouTube channel and used my Instagram account to express my passion. By combining my passion for writing instruments with the experience I had gained over the years I ventured to offer you great writing instruments combined with excellent service.

My name is Emil and I hope you will consider choosing Pen Venture when you are looking for your next writing instrument.