Leonardo - Momento Zero Grande Mosaic Blue Hawaii


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Leonardo - Momento Zero Grande Mosaic Blue Hawaii


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Leonardo Officina Italiana launches the first collection of 2022 - Mosaic. Based on the staple model of Leonardo - Momento Zero Grande, this time presenting three of the most popular colors of this model: Blue Hawaii, Chiaroscuro (Sand) and Mango. Unique on this collection Leonardo Officina Italiana makes use of the versatility of the Spaghetti resins and arrange their pattern vertical. This radical change offers mosaic effect to the fountain pen.

Available trim options are : Rhodium (Silver) and Gold. The cap band configuration features a larger band with geometrical lines centred in between two smaller rings. The streamlined and narrow clip brings a very elegant air to the pen's silhouette.

Momento Zero Grande Mosaic collection can feature two nib options : Steel nibs and 14k Gold #6 nibs. Both nib options are manufactured by JOWO and both nib options are friction fitted in a glued housing to the fountain pen. The steel range of nibs are equipped with a abs plastic feeder and the 14k gold range of nibs are equipped with ebonite feeders. The redesigned section has more girth and doesn't feature the steel ring anymore.

For the 14k Gold #6 JOWO nibs you can pick in between 5 sizes : Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad and 1.1mm Stub - with 2 specialty options : Elastic Extra Fine and Elastic Fine; For the JOWO steel nibs you can pick in between 5 sizes : Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub 1.1mm, Elastic Fine and Elastic Extra Fine.

Momento Zero Grande Mosaic collection is offered with an in house made piston filling mechanism. This filling system is characterised by a large ink volume that is at your disposal and also the versatility offered by the use of the Leonardo Piston Tool. Using the tool you can remove the back end if the piston assembly and access the inner works of the pen for cleaning and maintaining it.

Every pen comes delivered in a Leonardo Officina Italiana box with a black bottle of ink. (Pen Venture cant offer swaps for the ink color that comes with the pen)

Italian original quality. It is guaranteed for life against manufacturing defects.


- brand: Leonardo Officina Italiana
- type: Fountain Pen
- color: Blue
- body material: Resin
- cap type: Screw-cap
- filling mechanism: Piston Filling Mechanism
- nib material: Laminated Steel / 14k Gold
- nib size: Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Stub 1.1mm - Elastic EF and Elastic F
- nib color: Silver / Gold
- postable: Yes
- trim: Rhodium / Gold  
- length overall (closed): 154 mm.
- length overall (posted): 175 mm.
- body length: 138 mm.
- cap length: 67,7 mm.
- body diameter: 16-11,5 mm.
- cap diameter (without clip): -- mm.
- weight (overall): 33 grams.
- body weight: -- grams.
- cap weight: - grams. 

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Steel / Rhodium / Extra Fine 1

Steel / Rhodium / Fine 1

Steel / Rhodium / Medium 1

Steel / Rhodium / Broad 1

Steel / Rhodium / Stub 1.1mm 1

Steel / Rhodium / Elastic Fine 1

Steel / Gold / Extra Fine 1

Steel / Gold / Fine 1

Steel / Gold / Medium 1

Steel / Gold / Broad 1

Steel / Gold / Stub 1.1mm 1

Steel / Gold / Elastic Fine 1

Steel / Gold / Elastic Extra Fine 1

14k Gold / Rhodium / Extra Fine 1

14k Gold / Rhodium / Fine 1

14k Gold / Rhodium / Medium 1

14k Gold / Rhodium / Broad 1

14k Gold / Rhodium / Stub 1.1mm 1

14k Gold / Rhodium / Elastic Fine 1

14k Gold / Gold / Extra Fine 1

14k Gold / Gold / Fine 1

14k Gold / Gold / Medium 1

14k Gold / Gold / Broad 1

14k Gold / Gold / Stub 1.1mm 1

14k Gold / Gold / Elastic Fine 1

14k Gold / Gold / Elastic Extra Fine 1