Visconti Homo Sapiens - Pen Venture 1 year anniversary limited edition fountain pen

Visconti Exclusive

We are approaching the end of the 2019 summer, this is one of the best times for reflecting upon the many great achievements that 2019 brought up for me and Pen Venture. My passion for fountain pens only went up and I’m blessed to be a part of this amazing community of wonderful people who share the same excitement like myself when it comes to these timeless small objects that use nibs and leave trails on the paper.


I still remember the exact day I had the thought of following my passion even further and wanting to dedicate myself to create a platform where I can unite with my passion the person who is looking for a new fountain pen with the instrument itself, finding a connection and above all to offer an experience and not just another sale figure.


My creative nature always pushed me to express myself and not long after I started to collect fountain pens, I developed a need to leave something behind, a small part of myself that I can one day reflect upon and know where it all started and where I find myself at the current moment, its my way of validating that I,m on the right track, I can’t say that looking forward, but I can look back and analyse my progress at any given time.


There is no greater reward than seeing your dreams materialize in front of you or taking shape, this is why I aimed for a company like Visconti when I wanted to celebrate a milestone like the one year since we had our first open day at Pen Venture and that was on October 10 - 2018, I know that with Visconti, the passion is common and it is they who sparked my passion every single time with their beautiful creations. One year of a great collaboration that now produced the first exclusive project of Pen Venture.


I'm really excited and emotional and I'm trying to grasp everything and first of all I need to thank you all - our customers and people of this community, you deserve our respect and gratitude, also Visconti as a company and Visconti as a team, they have our full respect and appreciation for the efforts done in order for this project to see the light of day. It wasn’t easy, my creative nature has no limits but Visconti does, of course it was a long back and forth process that I wasn’t anticipating, but in the end , I let you be the judge and say if it was worth or not.


I always wanted to create this pen based on the most iconic Visconti model, the Homo Sapiens. After a few weeks of negotiations, I had to fly to Italy and talk about this project in person in order to have a first version of this model. And I’ve got the approval for a Homo Sapiens model. All the great ideas that I had for an exclusive project went out the window in a few seconds after winning my first battle for the model, my mind wasn’t ready to process everything just like that, so once I got home from Italy I had spend a few days in my mind trying to see what I really want this fountain pen to look and express. The great team of people from the design department at Visconti gave me some great ideas and not long after that we had our first sketches. A pen that still has to be easy identified with the DNA of Visconti but it has to make the person next to you, even if he is familiar or not with the work of Visconti, to ask you : “What is that?”


I’ve decided to have two different materials for this project, first one is the famous Lava Resin, everyone knows it belongs to Visconti and its the core of the Bronze Age Homo Sapiens, the most well known fountain pen out there, the second material that I wanted to have on this project is acrylic, the best demonstrator fountain pens that I owned and tried are from Visconti, I’ve chosen red acrylic for the pure expression of my passion, red is bold, red is life, red is going to demand attention. I know most of you are very picky when it comes to your trim colors and you have the right to be like that, Im just like you, this is why I opted to have two different choices for the trim colors.  For everyone who wants to remain conservative with their choices I think the Bronze - Rose Gold option will be amazing, the same trim color just like original and iconic Bronze Age : two bronze ring on the cap - rose gold plated nib - Homo Sapiens bronze ring, clip and finial. For those out there that want to go with a different look, go for the Silver option : Sterling Silver Ponte Vecchio clip, Homo Sapiens ring and the two cap rings as well made in sterling silver, sporting the silver color nib.


This exclusive edition is limited to only 50 pieces, 25 pieces for each trim option, it will come equipped with the new 18k Gold nib from Visconti and the barrel of the pen is very finely engraved with “Pen Venture” in our elegant and cursive font, this engraving is facing the nib slit. Different from the Bronze Age Homo Sapiens, the Pen Venture Exclusive Visconti comes with the Double Reservoir feature to the Power Filler filling mechanism. The capping system on our pen is the well known Hook Safe Lock and the finial is fully customisable with the Visconti My Pen System.


We don’t expect these pens to last too long in our stock and we would like to offer everyone a heads up in advance to reserve their fountain pen, our anniversary of one year is celebrated on October 10th and we plan a lot of great things for you all in that period, the main priority being to send out these wonderful Pen Venture Exclusive Homo Sapiens fountain pens, reserve yours now and you will be the first one to have it in October. Due to production schedule they will arrive in batches and probably the best way of securing a specific pen with a specific nib size is to pre-order it and we will send the information to Visconti, this way making sure they will have the nib produced - tested and the whole pen assembled for our special customers.


Here you can find te product in our store:


Thank you and lets get ready for this celebration,


Best regards,


Pen Venture Founder