The timeless artistry of midori fountain pens

The timeless artistry of midori fountain pens

When it comes to fountain pens, there's a world of craftsmanship and artistry waiting to be explored. A shining example  can be found in the exquisite fusion of ebonite material and the ancient Japanese tamenuri technique.

Our latest exclusive fountain pen release is a true celebration of five years of Pen Venture excellence. This exquisite masterpiece offers a fresh perspective on the ancient art of urushi lacquer technique, elegantly showcased in a take on midori, a striking blend of black over green. Just like in 2022 we opted for the Leonardo Officina Italiana - Essenza model, made in ebonite, as a core for our Cinque Verde edition.

The Marvelous Midori Fountain Pens

The Midori fountain pens are a work of art in their own right, capturing the essence of black over green with remarkable precision. But what truly sets these fountain pens apart is the dedication and skill that goes into creating them, a process overseen by the talented artisan known as Teo.

Leonardo Essenza Cinque Verde

A Material of Distinction: Ebonite

At the heart of this exceptional fountain pen lies ebonite, a material that deserves special attention. Ebonite is a hard rubber compound known for its remarkable durability and timeless elegance. It offers the perfect canvas for crafting writing instruments that are both visually captivating and enjoyable to write with.

One of the unique characteristics of ebonite is its texture, which provides an ideal surface for intricate designs and finishes. In the case of the Midori pens, a satin finish was chosen, adding a touch of sophistication to the writing instrument. 

More about the Tamenuri Technique

The tamenuri technique employed in these pens is nothing short of mesmerizing. It's akin to gazing into a serene pond, where the surface reflects a rich, velvety black while hinting at a lush green beneath. Tamenuri, an age-old Japanese lacquer technique, is more than just a visual delight; it carries a profound philosophy.

On the edges of the pen's surface, you can glimpse the dark undercoating, mirroring the pond's shallow regions. Yet, as your eyes move toward the center, the darkness deepens, representing the pond's hidden depths. Achieving this effect requires painstaking effort, involving multiple layers of lacquer and meticulous polishing and drying between each application.

Urushi Essenza Cinque Verde

The Passage of Time

One of the enchanting aspects of tamenuri is how it evolves over time. Just as life brings out new facets in our experiences, the black coating on these pens gradually reveals more of the underlying green, creating a dynamic and ever-changing visual narrative. It's a reminder that beauty, like life, can transform and evolve with the passage of time.

A Twist of Fate and a Unique Edition

Our Essenza Cinque Verde fountain pens were originally conceived as a 3-month project. However, as is often the case with true craftsmanship, the journey took an unexpected turn. What seemed like a short endeavor blossomed into an 8-month odyssey, filled with valuable lessons and unforeseen challenges.

In an intriguing twist of fate, Teo, the master behind these pens, had to temporarily step away from his work due to a family emergency. During this time, he made a thoughtful decision to opt for a satin finish, infusing the pens with a unique character that adds an exciting twist to this exclusive edition.

The La Fenice Nib and Beyond

Completing these remarkable fountain pens is the La Fenice nib, a #8 14k gold nib fitted with a piston mechanism. It offers a smooth and luxurious writing experience, elevating the act of writing to an art form in itself. Each stroke on paper feels like an extension of the craftsmanship embodied in these pens.

In total, there are 15 fountain pens available, with one reserved for a company museum, ensuring that their legacy lives on for generations to come.

These fountain pens exemplify the harmonious relationship of ebonite craftsmanship and the tamenuri technique, and transcend mere writing instruments; they are masterpieces that reflect the artistry of their creators and the stories of those who own them.

As the years pass, they will continue to evolve, reminding us that beauty is not static but a dynamic journey through time.

Essenza Cinque Verde