Pen Venture - Sangiovese by Ciro Matrone (LTD)

Pen Venture - Sangiovese by Ciro Matrone (LTD)

Bringing out the ways of Italian fountain pen making - known and appreciated world-wide, Pen Venture is delighted to present our latest collaboration that wears the name of a wine: Sangiovese.

Evoking the fluid movement of an aromatic wine, the color of Sangiovese takes complimenting hues from sour red cherries to lighter reds and purples. The name was chosen to reflect the enthralling visual stimulation given by the ”Ruby Red” celluloid used by Delta in the past, that now found its way into a new writing instrument. The high quality material in itself brings a satisfying experience both on a hedonistic and intellectual level.

Sangiovese represents our friendship with Ciro Matrone and for this project he had free reigns to let his imagination do wonders. Even if most of you already know, we feel the need to underline that Ciro was the core of the technical and production department of Delta and one of the founders of the famous Italian pen maker. 

As we said before, Sangiovese provides an intellectually satisfying experience while writing. The body color is sober, yet iridescent, the flat ends only adding to the refinement. Recalling the twisting and turning path of light through the celluloid, you can find a decorative meander on the center band of the cap. Featuring a particular vintage style filler used by Ciro at Delta - a button filler, the ink is loaded and unloaded by triggering the button hiddedn behing the knob.

The Sangiovese collection features 10 pens - eight in rhodium and two in rose gold color trim. Made by Bock, with extra fine, fine, medium, broad and stub 1.3 mm - the size 6 nibs are made of 14k Gold.

With your new Sangiovese, you can find a wine red ink in the box, specially created to go with this pen.

You know what I said before: sit down, pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy the Sangiovese experience while writing.