November News - Furore Collection is launched!

November News - Furore Collection is launched!

We are happy to announce that we already shipped the preorders we took on the Furore collection from Leonardo and to everyone who ordered their pen from us, please share your feedback on this great writing instrument and on our services with us and with all of your friends.

We did receive a large portion of our Furore stock, we do have three colors: Blue Emerald, Blue Galaxy and Red Passion. A video review of the Furore models is due to come very soon.

With the Furore collection we restocked our inventory of missing nib sizes on the entire Momento Zero collection. You can head over to our  Leonardo section and find the nib size you where missing.

Another important topic is the development of the Pen Venture pen case, we did receive the first prototype, in this current color combination with the black leather exterior and the interior made from read leather with the red stitching and the red painted edges we decided to call it “Conquistador”. It is limited to only 33 pieces, it will fit 6 pens and it is made using 100% real leather from Italy.

This pen case has a lot of features that we will show in a presentation video coming soon, one of the most interesting features is the removable pen tray, if you can’t decide witch pen to have on your desk, say no more, you can have them all on the desk with the Pen Venture Conquistador pen case.

Being a limited edition if you are interested in one of these pen cases please email us at or message us on instagram to reserve your number, we already have around 10 numbers reserved.

We are going to have a few review available on our youtube channel this week, including a video review of the SYAHI - Imperator, a pen from a Indian manufacturer which we will see how it performs with all the nibs that they offered us, steel nibs: fine, medium, broad and a interesting semi flexible nib.

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