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Some facts about luxury fountain pens

For some people fountain pens are an extension of their soul, a tool to leave the trail of thoughts on a piece of paper.
We live in a time where everything that surrounds us is made to last a limited period of time or functionality and be thrown away.
Fountain pens have strived to last the test of time and the philosophy that is to be associated with writing instruments these days. Not only they stood the test of time but they evolved and transformed into functional works of art that delight our senses.
A major impact to having this trend of a luxury writing instrument in our days was started by probably the first Limited Edition fountain pen, that pen was the Ernest Hemingway Writers Edition from Montblanc and was based on the body and nib of the Montblanc 149 Meisterstuck. This concept of limiting the number of pens combined with unique materials and a story behind the design seems to form the basics for a luxury fountain pen.
From 1992, the year that Montblanc launched the Ernest Hemingway, pen manufacturers started offering more and more attention to what can a fountain pen be more that a writing instrument.
With time the title of Luxury was given to a lot of writing instruments, for this, fountain pens got to be rare, special, made of unique materials and to sum all in a few words they had to be more just than a pen.
In our days, we write with fountain pens because it bring us pleasure and owning a luxury fountain pen makes you a part of a select group of people that appreciates craftsmanship and takes pride into sharing this with everyone.