It's That Time of The Year...

Yes, November for most pen enthusiasts can be “that time of the year” when that dream pen has a more affordable price tag and can land in anyones hands, making the winter season a time to reflect - journal and spend time admiring the passion and craftsmanship that goes into creating objects that are more than simple writing instruments.


Pen Venture is here to make this happen with the coming Black Friday, and we want you to feel special, to have the comfort of ordering from a online store where you will receive goods that are checked in all design and function aspects, reflecting the passion that goes into every processed order.


Our limited edition exclusive fountain pen created in collaboration with Visconti is now offered at a special season price and we would like to share with you this unique pen, created with love and passion, but also focusing on the core design features of Visconti. Based on the Bronze Age Homo Sapiens, our Pen Venture Exclusive is featuring a clear red demonstrator body, equipped with a double reservoir power filler and comes equipped with the new 18k Gold nib that is in house made by Visconti. Feel free to ask any questions about this pen via Email or on our social media accounts, this pen just arrived in stock and its ready to head your way.


On the website we created a special section in which you can find our selection on fountain pens that have a special price for Black Friday, here you can access this section (now you can see the products with normal prices, the special discounts will be applied on Friday).


For every item that is not already discounted on our website we offer a 5%  automatic discount and this will be combined with free shipping on all orders, making your next writing instrument purchase happen within budget.


Last but not least, we would like to say that all of the above mentions will be applied not only on Friday as a day but on the whole weekend, starting from Friday all the way to Monday, just remember our stock is limited and our special deals will last as long as our stock will permit this.


This is all and I hope you will enjoy our selection of fine writing instruments and stay tuned for content that will be going live vey soon, subscribe to the newsletter and be notified of our special deals every time, also stay updated subscribing to our youtube channel and following the Pen Venture Instagram and Facebook page.